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Would you like to know the difference between servicing a transmission and flushing the transmission?  One is proper maintenance that the manufacturer recommends and the other is not.  Contact the professionals at Flathead Transmission Specialists for the answer!  Not only will we answer that question for you, we will help you with all your transmission needs including:

  • Computer controlled diagnosis
  • Service/Repairs
  • Rebuilds of all types
  • Clutch jobs
  • Four  wheel and front wheel drives
  • Transfer cases

We are a member of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association.  You may ask how does this benefit me?  By being a member, we are able to offer our customers a number of great warranties and guarantees on our transmission work. In addition, we are able to rely on their expertise if we were to encounter a puzzling situation. It is a “win-win” situation for us and our customers.

Contact us today and start reaping the benefits of quality transmission work by Flathead Transmission Specialist!  You’ll be glad you did.